About the 2013-16 IFG model

The Inshore Fisheries Groups (IFGs) model that was in place from 2013-16 consisted of six non-statutory bodies that aimed to improve the management of Scotland’s inshore fisheries out to six nautical miles, and to give commercial inshore fishermen a strong voice in wider marine management developments.

This process began in 2009 when six pilot IFGs were set up around the coast. These covered the Clyde, Moray Firth, North West, Outer Hebrides, Small Isles & Mull, and South East. Each of the pilot IFGs developed an inshore fisheries management plan for its respective area.

Following on from this pilot, six full IFGs were established to take forward and developed their management plans areas. The IFGs covered the following areas:

  • East Coast
  • Moray Firth & North Coast
  • North West
  • Orkney
  • Outer Hebrides
  • South West

In 2016 a Regional model for the IFG network was established. The IFGs for the Moray Firth & North Coast and East Coast were succeeded by the North & East Coast Regional IFG, and the IFGs for the North West and South West were succeeded by the West Coast Regional IFG. Details of the activities of the four former IFGs are available by following the links on the left-hand side.

The remit and a map of the former IFG model are available to download:

IFG Map (2013-16)   IFG Remit (2013-16)
ifgmap263.jpg   remit263.jpg

And also the IFG newsletters published during this time:

Spring 2014   Winter 2014-15
spring_newsletter.jpg   winter_newsletter.jpg