April 2016

It is proposed to hold a meeting on the 19 May with former members of the NWIFG. The meeting will ensure that any outstanding actions from recent subgroup meetings continue under the new Regional IFG and there will be opportunities to explore management options within the regional structure.

March 2015

Richard Greene stands down as Chair

Richard Greene has announced that, following the North West IFG meeting on 20th March, he will be standing down as Chair.

Vice-chair Duncan MacInnes will chair the next meeting, due to be held in June. 

March 2014

North West IFG welcomes new secretariat

A well-attended meeting of the North West IFG was held at Great Glen House on 14 February. At the meeting, the Chair Richard Greene welcomed Kathryn Logan of the Moray Firth Partnership as the new secretariat for the NW area.

November 2013

North West IFG meets in Inverness

The North West IFG Executive Committee met in Inverness on 15 November.

Duncan MacInnes and Alister Philp were nominated as Vice-chairs, and were voted in unanimously.

The next meeting will be held in Inverness on 14 February 2014.